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Explore featured articles contributed by agriculture finance professionals on digital finance, credit scoring, crop insurance, agricultural lending, and warehouse receipt financing.

Digital Finance in Agriculture

Featured articles and other resources that discuss how financial institutions can apply FinTech to reach new agricultural client market segments. Discover the possibilities for digitizing manual data. Learn More >>

Credit Scoring in Agriculture

Featured articles on credit scoring highlight new tools that agriculture lenders can adopt to improve risk management. Learn about Agriculture Loan Evaluation System (ALES), centralized expert underwriting, and scorecard development. Learn More>>

Crop Insurance

These articles explore the role of public-private partnerships in developing agriculture insurance markets. Authors describe recent trends in Latin America, crop loan insurance in Pakistan, and the federal crop insurance in the U.S. Learn More>>

Establishing an Agricultural Lending Business Line

Field lesson, webinar, and articles illustrate the process of establishing an agricultural lending business line by three financial institutions in Cambodia, Nepal, and Rwanda. Learn More>>    

Lending to the Agriculture Sector

Authors discuss an agricultural lending toolkit developed to help commercial banks expand lending to the sector as well facts and figures on how banks in the United States have capitalized on the profitability of production agriculture. Learn More>>  

Warehouse Receipt Finance

Authors share their experiences and offer perspectives on the role of collateral management and warehouse receipts in enhancing access to agriculture finance. Articles highlight cases in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Learn More>>