Featured Articles | Warehouse Receipt Financing


Featred articles below explore the opportunities and risks associated with warehouse receipts and collateral management in agriculture finance. Learn about a global program that supports warehouse receipt financing, regional developments in Africa, and the experience of India where collateral management is being used to finance agricultural activity. 

Featured Articles | Warehouse Receipt Financing

International Finance Corporation: Supporting Farmers through the Global Warehouse Finance Program | Contributed by Makiko Toyoda, IFC, U.S. 
The author explains how IFC's program helps farmers and other agriculture players increase working capital financing by leveraging their own production.  

Collateral Management in Agriculture Finance in India | Contributed by Vivek Thoopal, National Collateral Management Services Limited (NCMSL), India
The author highlights the experience of NCMSL, one of the largest collateral management companies in India and explains the main features of the system.  

Trade Finance: Warehouse and Inventory Management in Africa | Contributed by Andrew Barr-Sim, Drum Commodities Limited, UK
The author provides insights into the operations of Drum Commodities Limited, a major collateral management company in Africa.


Warehouse Receipt Financing in Agriculture in Africa | Contributed by Gideon E. Onumah, Natural Resources Institute (NRI), UK
In this article the author provides an overview of warehouse receipt financing in Africa, highlighting cases of successful implementation, opportunities, and risks. 

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