Featured Articles | Digital Finance in Agriculture

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This section features digital finance and how 'FinTech' has the potential to expand financial access to underserved actors of the agriculture sector. We focus on Lenddo's experience of using their technologies and products for increasing financial inclusion. Lenddo is a software-as-service company helping leading financial institutions globally, make more accurate and quicker decisions across the customer lifecycle and drive higher levels of growth and profitability. The slide decks and fact sheets illustrate Lenddo's designs for automated credit scoring and identity verification, including how it's using nontraditional data models for building client profiles and risk assessments. Big data analytics and automation are technologies helping mobilize the agricultural finance sector in rural markets.

Featured Articles | Digital Finance in Agriculture

Lendo: Driver to Financial Inclusion for Farmers | Contributed by Florentin Lenoir, Marketing and Business Development Director, Lenddo

Farmers are part of a globally growing middle class that need financial products and services, but are considered "thin file" and struggle to prove credit worthiness. This article is about Lenddo's approach to transform the use of data to access and serve new and underserved market segments.


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