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The featured articles below explore the role of public-private partnerships in developing agriculture insurance markets. In his article, Diego Arias of the World Bank talks about recent trends in agriculture insurance in Latin America and strategies that countries have adopted to develop insurance markets. Similarly, Kashif Thanvi of Habib Bank Limited shares Pakistan’s experience in designing and implementing a corp loan insurance product. Finally, the article by James Callan of James Callan Associates LLC illustrates how the U.S federal crop insurance has evolved over time and how it works today.

Featured Articles | Crop Insurance

Agriculture Insurance in Latin America: All About Public-Private Partnerships and Public Programs to Protect Vulnerable Farmers | Contributed by Diego Arias, World Bank
The author discusses the role of public-private partneships in agriculture insurance in Latin America and the World Bank's recent focus in the region's agriculture insurance programs. 

Crop Loan Insurance in Pakistan | Contributed by Kashif Umar Thanvi, Habib Bank Limited
In 2008, Pakistan designed and implemented a crop loan insurance scheme for farmers. The author discusses the benefits and challenges of its implementation and the ways that it could be improved.

The U.S Federal Crop Insurance Program | Contributed by James Callan, James Callan Associates, LLC.
The author explains how the United States Federal Crop Insurance Program works, the role of government and the private sector in developing and managing this program, and key recent developments. 

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