Establishing an Agricultural Lending Business Line

Materials on this page explore the process of establishing an agricultural lending business line. 

Featured Articles | Establishing an Agricultural Lending Business Line

Lessons in Building a Food and Agriculture Lending Business Line |  Contributed BPR, Rwanda
Recently, BPR added a strong commercial focus on the food and agricultural sector. This new focus reflects significant market opportunities and presents some challenges at the same time. This field lesson lays out some of the successes and challenges that BPR has faced in its operations. 

Amret's New Agriculture Finance Unit |  Contributed Amret, Cambodia
Amret has a very strong presence in rural areas. The institution serves over 200, 000 agricultural clients and about 58% (over USD 100 million) of its total loan portfolio belongs to agriculture. Recently, Amret established an agricultural lending business line. 

NUBL's New Agriculture Finance Unit | Contributed by NUBL, Nepal
NUBL established an agricultural lending unit to bettertarget high value commodity producers who need tailored products to suit investment requirements, adjust for seasonality of income, permit greater economic impact, and allow the adoption of sustainable cultivation practices. 

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